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Welcome! We’re so glad to have you searching with us 👋 We put together these guides to get you up to speed on how you can use

What is Deft?

We’re building trustworthy shopping search. That means no junk products, no advertising, and no gamed results. A shopping search made to help you, not sell you stuff. We also create AI tools that help with the hardest shopping decisions, like our tool and our AI Concierge shopping assistant.

Is it free?

Today, searching with Deft is free, but we offer premium plans to supercharge the experience (). By signing up as one of our earliest supporters, you can guide us toward what’s most useful to you. We're listening intently to feedback.

What can I search for?

Deft only supports furniture and home decor at this time. We're moving into new categories, but we wanted to ensure our search was great for one big category before boiling the ocean. Our search results show us millions of products from thousands of awesome home decor and furniture brands.

Join the community!

We're building a tight-knit community of interior designers, architects, stylists, and shoppers. We share inspiration, shopping deals, advice, renders from the Imagine tool, and more in our Discord group -
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