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A "Deft" Guide

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Support and Billing

Thanks for your support!

Deft is developed by a small, 5-person team. We create tools to help you with the toughest shopping decisions. We’ve started in home decor and furniture with our search engine, AI concierge tool, and our newest “imagine” tool. We don’t allow brands to advertise with us or manipulate our results.
With your support, we can remain independent and continue building the most trustworthy place to shop online!

Pricing guide

To learn about what premium features are available, you can find more info here -

Contact us

If you’re a paid member and need help, please check your onboarding email for our premium support it will be in your stripe invoice. If that email is lost, please ping us on Discord and we’ll do our best to help.
If that fails, give us an email at . That’s our general-purpose email. ​
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Cancelling your plan

You can manage your billing by clicking the profile icon in the navigation and selecting billing. We’re sad to see you go, and we would love to know how to improve to win you back. ​
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