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Deft Imagine

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Getting started

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Upload a photo (optional): If you want a room restyled, upload a photo.
Tips: Orient the photo and ensure it’s well-lit for the best outcomes!
Room: Give the tool more information about what type of room you’re generating.
Style: Select a style if you have one in mind, or try them all! We add new styles weekly.
(Paid) Variations: Generating multiple variations at the same time.
Dimensions: Change the output dimensions of your photo.
Note - if you upload a photo, you cannot change dimensions.
Prompt: Tell us what you want in the room or what you’d like to leave the same. The more details, the better!
Tips: See for some pro tips.
Negative Prompt: Want to make sure the generation doesn’t include something? Mention it here.
Generate & Regenerate: Each week, we give multiple free uses. If you’re a paid user, it’s almost unlimited.
(Paid) Edit: For a time after your generation is created, you’re able to edit it with out AI tools. Just paint over what you want changed, give it some more information, and save.
Download: This downloads to your computer or your files folder on your mobile phone. Long tap on the image to save to your photos if you’re on an iPhone.
Search by Image: See something you like in the photo? Click “search by image” to find products similar to those in our search bar.
(Paid) History: See all your previous generations by scrolling down.

Want to print your doc?
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Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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